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3 Home Cleaning Hacks to Help You Save Time

Cleaning is a chore we all need to in order to have a healthy and organized home. Our lives our so busy these days its hard to find time to get a whole house cleaned. There is so much work that goes into keeping everything spotless. To help with all your refreshing needs here a three cleaning hacks. These hacks will save you effort, time and items.

The first hack is something everyone can relate to and that is blood stains. This is especially handy during PMS. If you get a cut and you just so happen to be wearing your fresh white T- shirt Here is the solution. To get out those rough blood stains, all you need is a few simple ingredients. These ingredients are salt and ice cold water. When I first heard about this, It sounded to simple. I was very skeptical about this not thinking just water and salt was going to magically take out this harsh stain. I was however desperate by running low on cleaning supplies in the house. So I just mixed ice cold water with salt and places that mixture all over the stain. I let it sit for a few minutes not doing anything else. After about 10 minutes, I was shocked that this was actually starting to work. After you let it sit just pat it dry. Now I will say in some cases you may have to use soap to finish off the cleaning. But this easy hack definitely takes out majority of the stain by itself.

The second hack is for cleaning your bath tub. All this takes is baking soda and vinegar. Just mix one cup vinegar, a half cup of baking soda and hot water. Now let this sit for 5 minutes. After these 5 minutes are up fill the tub with more hot water until the tub is 1 quarter ways filled. Now let this sit for an additional 5 minutes. Once those 5 minutes are up release the drain and rinse the tub. That is all you have to to have a clean tub, it is pretty easy.

The last hack will make cleaning your microwave a lot less work. For this you will need lemon oil, water and a microwave safe bowl. You take 15 drops of the lemon oil to a half cup of water in a microwave safe bowl. Place this inside your microwave. Now heat this on high for about 8 mins. Once that is done go ahead and wipe everything down The lemon will soften all the stuck on food. This will also give your microwave a fresh lemon scent. These simple hacks will make a few of your cleaning tasks a lot easier while saving you time. House Cleaning in Darwin can help you take care of all your cleaning tasks and help save you time. If you do get a chance you should definitely give them a try!

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5 Speed House Cleaning Tips For Moms

5 Speed House Cleaning Tips For Moms

Busy moms surely appreciate the many wonderful benefits associated with a clean house. Finding the time to actually do the work to achieve this goal, however, is often easier said than done, especially when to-do lists are fairly long and other obligations demand equal attention. If this describes the dilemma you normally face on a regular basis, take a deep breath. Let it out now and keep reading on for some tips shared by Caroline Nucifora, a professional cleaner in Sydney that could make your life less stressful, at least when it comes to cleaning-related tasks.

1. Put Everything You’ll Need In a Cleaning Caddy

Grab a caddy, bucket, tote bag, or some other container or bag that’s easy to carry. Next, fill it with everything you’ll need to dust, scrub, spritz, and wipe. This way you’ll have your cleaning essentials in one handy place and you won’t be wasting time searching for supplies or tools as you go from one room to the next. What’s more, your cleaning container, box, or bag can be quickly stashed away until you need to quickly grab it again the next you need to do some cleaning. If you have a lot of cleaning supplies, consider using a small or medium-sized kitchen cart to haul things you need around.

2. Clean the Whole House Instead of Going Room by Room

You may be surprised at how efficiently your cleaning efforts can be if you do the whole house instead of focusing on the unique needs of each room. In other words, pick one task, like running the vacuum, mopping, or dusting, and do it in every room. Doing your home cleaning this way can also give you a break from having to repeat a similar cycle over and over each time you tackle a room.

But what if you have multiple things that need to get done throughout your home? One option is to break up your cleaning chores over multiple days and continue with the one task at a time routine. So, for example, you might do the dusting that needs done in your home on Monday, the vacuuming on Tuesday, and the laundry on another day that’s convenient for you. Further save time when performing various cleaning tasks by:

• Sweeping before you mop so you’re not just pushing dirt aroundh
• Moving with your vacuum instead of trying to get every single nook and cranny of each room
• Spraying cleaners on surfaces like sinks, countertops, and tubs and moving onto other tasks before coming back – doing this also allows time for the solution to set and do its job
• Regularly washing cleaning tools like your mop and routinely emptying the vacuum bag

3. Declutter Each Room

Go through each room and quickly determine what can stay and what can be tossed or donated. Doing so will give you fewer things to dust while also making your home less cluttered at the same time. If you can’t make a quick decision, put stuff you’re on the fence about in a box you can go through it later when you have more time.

4. Don’t Iron – Use the Bathroom Shower Instead!

A clever, time-saving way to keep your family’s clothes wrinkle-free is to simply hang them up in the bathroom when the shower is being used. The steam from the shower will basically do the same thing as what an iron would do. If you are somewhat limited on space in your bathroom, pick a few important pieces that need to be de-wrinkled and hang them up on the back of the bathroom door or on hangers placed on the exterior side of the shower curtain or shower door.

5. Make Cleaning a Group Activity

The easiest way to speed clean your home is to enlist some help from your kids and other family members. But go a step further than simply begging anybody who happens to be around to help. Instead, set up a schedule and divide up tasks for everyone. As you assign tasks, take into account factors such as height (for younger kids) and the ability to actually do the cleaning duties assigned correctly. Besides, working together as a family can actually be fun – even more so if you end up getting a cleaner home without having to find time to do it all by yourself!

Lastly, realize that some cleaning tasks really don’t need to be done every single week. For instance, you can probably just clean things like knickknacks, wall-art, and hard-to-reach shelves on an occasional basis. Instead, focus on more visible areas where dirt and dust will be more noticeable. For times when you are really crunched for time and you need cleaning done ASAP, call on professional cleaning experts to lend a hand as you sit back and enjoy the results.

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Expert Gardening Tips Every Mom Should Know

Expert Gardening Tips Every Mom Should Know

Gardening is one of the methods you can use to relieve yourself from stress and get closer to nature. Even if your garden is small, if you can make it look good, it will always feel magical. Plus, a well-tamed garden can be a potential playground for your kids without leaving your house. Here are the following expert gardening tips every mom should know about.

1. Get to know your USDA Hardiness Zone
Before anything else, it is important that you know your USDA Hardiness Zone. In that way, you can refrain from planting trees that are most unlikely to survive in your country’s type of soil and climate. Also, you will have an idea of the best time of the year to plant certain vegetables and fruits. In that way, you don’t keep asking yourself what went wrong if your hard work resulted in wilted and dead plants lingering in your garden.

2. Pruning flowers
If in case you are not sure when you should prune your flowers, we suggest that you do it right after the blooms started to fade. This is effective for lilacs and roses. Their flower buds set in the autumn of growth last year. Hence, if you’re going to prune them in winter, you can remove the flower buds of spring.

3. Choosing your manure carefully
Make sure that your rotted manure has been cured at least six months before you apply it to your soil. Avoid applying fresh manure because the level of nitrogen is high and it can cause your plants to “burn”. Also, there’s a possibility that it may contain parasites that can kill your flowers and vegetables.
Contrary to the common belief, do not use manure from cats, dogs, and pigs as it may contain parasites. Once you ingest any of it, it can start an infection to the human body.


4. Know your growing season
It’s also important that you know the duration of your growing season. The first frost in fall and last frost in spring is very important. You can use it as your guide in choosing what to plant inside and what to avoid growing during that time of the year.

5. Consider the amount of sunlight to your vegetables
Vegetables need a certain amount of sunlight in order to grow naturally. Make sure that you plant them in an area where they can get at least eight hours of direct sunlight on a regular basis. On the other hand, for cool-season crops such as cabbage, lettuce, radishes, and spinach, you can plant them in an area that gets some shade.

6. Weeding your garden
You should also consider controlling the weeds in your garden manually. Do not deep-hoe or cultivate. Chances are, the weed seeds will go to the surface of the soil. As early as possible, you should start weeding to avoid seed. We also recommend that you use a mulch in smothering the soil and preventing annual weeds. Be wary of the weeds especially if your vegetables are still starting to grow. They may steal the nutrients of the soil that are supposed to be for your crops and may affect the size of your harvest.

If you are a full-time housewife or even on your weekends, you can do the aforementioned gardening tips. It can help in not just beautifying but making your garden much healthier. A beautiful garden is a healthy garden. You can reap the benefits every year if you spend a couple of minutes in your garden a day. Not to mention, the great view of vegetables and flowers you’ll get to enjoy every day!

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